Query Tuning Training from SQL School

This SQL Server Performance Tuning From SQL School includes In-depth Query Tuning and Troubleshooting concepts in SQL Server 2022, 2019, 2017 including Histograms, XEL Files, In-Memory Tables, Temporal Tables, IO Costs, CPU Costs, Opertor Costs, Execution Plan Analysis and DOP Settings with Resource Groups & Workload Groups. Memory Optimization Techniques, CPU Utilization and IO Monitoring Processes, Query Audits with Dynamic Management Views (DMVs), Dynamic Management Functions (DMFs), Procedure Cache are included in this course. This SQL Server Performance Tuning also includes a Real-time CaseStudy that helps you to understand master Query Analytical skills with Workload Analysis, Peak - Hour metrics, Understanding various levels of Query Statistics, Index Management Techniques. Register Today for Free Demo