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SSRS Online Training at SQL School Training Institute - is carefully designed to offer complete real-time training on Report Design, Development, Testing, Tuning and Delivery of Enterprise / Adhoc Reports, Report Builder Options, Snapshots and Email Subscriptions including Power View and Power BI Exensions. Sessions are completely practical and Realtime with a real-time Project.

Pre-requisites: Participant needs to have knowledge on SQL Server T-SQL Queries to join our Real-time Practical SSRS Online Training Course.

SSRS Online Training - Trainer: Trainer: Mr. Sai Phanindra T

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ALL SESSIONS ARE COMPLETELY PRACTICAL, REAL-TIME. Total Course Fee: 7000/- [USD 120]. Dur: 2.5 Weeks / 4 Wknds
Highlights : Basic to Advanced Dashboards TreeMaps, Funnel Reports Power BI Integration Azure Integration Interviews, Job Support

SSRS LIVE Online Training Course Contents:


Need For Reporting Solutions (SSRS) and Tools Reporting Engine Architecture and Report Databases SSRS Installation, Tools and Database Configuration Process SSRS 2016 : Installation and Report Databases SSRS 2014 : Installation and Report Databases Report Server URL - Purpose, Test Connection, Usage Report Manager URL - Purpose, Test Connection, Usage Report Portal URL in SSRS 2016 - Usage, Web Service Three-Phase Report Life Cycle in Reports (End-End) Report Server Database and Report TempDB Configuration Virtual Directories (VD) in Web Services - Settings, Options Communication Ports and Data Encryption For Web Portal URL Report Design and Work Flow Diagram - Lab Plan, Data Sources Report Design with Report Designer & Report Builder Tools Report Builder Versus Report Designer - Basic Differences SSDT (VS): SQL Server Data Tools Installation, Verification SSDT 2015 and SSDT 2013 Installation, Test Connection SSRS 2016 Report Portals and Accessibility


Working with Visual Studio - SQL Server Data Tools Report Templates and Basic Usage. Project, Solution Designing Basic Reports - Understanding Entities Working with Report Project Wizard - Usage, Reports Defining Data Source Connections, Source Databases Query Designer Options, Query Builder & Import Options Table Reports and Matrix Reports with Report Wizard Layout and Format Options - Drilldown Reports, Blocks Stepped Reports and Multi Field Drilldown Options Report Project Template - Designing Dataset, Reports Report Toolbox and ReportData Options, Textbox Usage Table Headers, Formatting Options, MATH Expressions Alternate Row Colors, Using Report Globals, Expressions Report Formatting Styles, Expressions and Reusability Reporting Functions: IIF, Format, Ceiling, Round, Concat Alternate Row Colors and Dynamic Formatting Options Textbox Properties - Date & Time Formats, Numbers, Styles Report Timeout Options and Tool Box Options, Report Data Initial Catalog For Report Sources, Static/Dynamic Properties Query Timeouts and Connection Properties - Scaleout


Grouping Operations: Row Groups, Column Groups Table Report - Row Groups, Parent - Child Groups Adding Groups to Existing Rows and New Rows Group Headers and Group Footers - Usage, Sub Totals Group Field Visibility and Toggle Options @ Parent Row Group Properties, Header/Footer Properties Column Groups for Table Reports, Advanced Options Repeat-On-New-Page Options and Report Properties Column Groups for Matrix Reports, Data Grouping Drill-down Reports using Row Groups and Visibility Drill-down Reports using Column Groups, Visibility Table Reports Vs Matrix Reports - Technical Differences Adding Images to Reports. Tooltip and Size Options Report Headers and Report Footers - Globals, Expressions Merging Report Fields, Sub Totals and Grand Totals Group Edits, Removing Group Totals, Adding Group Headers Column Groups - Advance Mode - Fixed Attributes, Fields Repeating Header on Every Page & RepeatPage Options Working with Report Globals for Metadata, Report Properties Report Properties and Report Page Options with Scripts


Report Parameters - Purpose, Benefits and Usage Creating Parameters using Dataset Query Conditions Creating Parameters using Report Properties, Report Data Single Value Parameters and Multi Value Parameters Dynamic Parameter Values, Dependency Options, Queries Defining Datasets with Parameters, Dynamic Conditions Dataset Links to Parameters, Value Options from List, Query Multi-Value Parameter Options: Data Types, Null, Empty Values Reports using Multiple Data Sets. Performance Issues Advanced Options : Auto Refresh, Manual Refresh Options Dataset Filters, Toolbox Filters - Purpose and Usage Filters versus Parameters - Differences with Performance Using Filter Condition at Dataset Level, Toolbox Level Data Type Conversions with Filters, Expressions & Computations Deciding Parameters and Filters - When to use which, why? SSRS Expressions and Global Fields For Report Parameters JOIN, FIELDS, LABEL and Formatting Options with Parameters Linking Report Parameters to Dataset Parameters and Filters


Chart Reports - Design Options, Properties and Usage Series Values Selection - with / without Category Groups Report Categories with Series Groups - Differences, Usage Data Visualization Types: Trend & Discrete Chart Reports Clustered / NonClustered Legend Attributes. Position Options Series Labels : Properties, Number Formatting Options, Visibility Series Actions : Series Properties, Multi - Valued Parameters Report Actions : URL / Reports, Setting for Report Filters Axis Values - Possible Issues with Multiple Axis Items, Solutions Dashboard Creations, Usage. Multiple Chart Areas, Legends Dashboard Exports with Filters (Static, Parameterized) Chart Series Properties and Options, Report Markers & Grid Values Chart Areas with Multiple Toolbox Items, Properties & Limitations 3-Dimensional Report Options - Properties, Visibility Options Range & Pie Charts, Line Reports, Data Bars, Area Charts Report Actions with Parameter Values - Report Filter Joins Exploring Toolbox Filters with Type Conversions & Expressions Common Report Errors with DataSet / Report Filters, Solutions Using Shared DataSources and Shared DataSets - Advantages Data Bar Reports and Sparkline Reports - Stacked Reports - Usage Multiseries Charts, Dynamic Chart Size, Axis Display Control


Gauge Reports: Purpose and End User Access Options Gauge Report Types - Radial and Linear Gauges Adding Data to Gauge Report - Default Indicators Gauge Data Versus Chart Data - Pointer Options Scale Properties: Maximum, Minimum Dynamic Ranges Browser Compatibility and Offline Report Access Gauge Properties, Gauge Panel Properties and Filters Master Reports and Detailed Reports - Sub Reports Scale - Properties, Values and Label Options Pointers - Properties, Scale Limits, Format Options Ranges & Labels, Report Items, Properties, Needle Options Adding Multiple Gauges - Dashboard Design, Dynamic Size Parameterized Gauge Reports - Dataset Level and Filters Indicator Reports : Value and State Expressions Indicator Reports and Gauge Panel Options with Filters 3D PieCharts and Aggregations with Excel Reports ODBC Data Source Connection Reuse & Worksheets Dynamic Report Parameters and Filter Expressions Rendering Format Limitations & Real-world Considerations


Report Builder Tool - 2016, 2014, 2008 R2 Installation Installation Verification Options, msi File Configuration DataSource and DataSet Creation with Report Builder Local Report Specific Entities and RDL File Creations Entity Browsing Options and Query Design Options Dataset Design with Parameters and Filters. Usage Options Query Designer Options with Report Builder, Table Selection Column Aggregates and Auto Group BY. Query Edit Options Adhoc Reports Design with Tabilx Wizard - Report Layouts Report Design - Sub Totals, Drill-down & Column Groups Chart Report @ Report Builder - Line Reports & Options Dataset Design with Parameters and Filters. Usage Options Line Reports and XValue Options using Report Builder Tool Trend Analysis and Continuous Data Reports - OLTP / DWH Map Reports - Map Layers, Map Report Items and Options Map Gallery, ESRI Share Files and SQL Server Spatial data Defining Geo Spatial Data for Business Analysis Dashboards Working with Polygon, Tile, Line and Point Map Layers Map Visualization Options and Bubble Map Reports Usage Data Fields, Display Labels and Visualization Indicators


Report Deployment Options - Report Builds, Config Files Data Source, Data Set Folders, Report Server URL Targets Report Deployment - UI & Command Line. RSKey Config Report Server URL and Report Manager (Web Portal) URL Report Home, Site Settings & Properties. Report Settings Data Sources: Properties, Security Options, Access Options DataSets: Properties, Security Options, Dependent Items Reports: Properties, Security Options, Edits, Downloads Security Roles: Content Manager, Browser, Report Builder MyReports Role, Report Publisher Role. Report User/Groups Report Linking and Default/Hidden Parameter Options Report Tuning: Caching Options, Cache Refresh - Cautions Report Tuning: Snapshot Options and Snapshot Schedules Report Tuning: Off-the-Shelf Reports and Linked Reports Local and Global Schedules, History Management, Jobs Report Builder Connections and Reusability Options Report Parts and RS Storage Options. Paginated Reports Report Delivery & Schedules, File Share Subscriptions Accessing and Controlling Reports, Email Subscriptions Encryption Keys & RS Config Files, RS Execution Accounts


Scale-Out Deployments and Remote Report Databases Remote Report Database Connections, Recovery Options Scale-Out Joins and Waits. Report Configuration Keys Multi-Report Server Configurations, Execution Accounts Report Designer Versus Report Builder - Advantages Cube Reports with SSRS - MDX Queries. Advantages Cube Reports with MDX Parameters & Filters. Performance Cube Reports with MDX Expressions, YTD, QTD Calculations Reports with SSAS KPIs and Cube Aggregations - MOLAP Cube Reports with Tabular Data Sources. Hierarchy Levels Sub Reports, Dashboards, Action Reports with Report Builder Drill-Up and Drill-Down Reports, Drill Through Reports Report Actions @ SSAS 2016 OLAP Databases. Limitations Power BI Reports with SSRS - Desktop / Mobile Editions Power BI PBX Reports with RDL Sources, Vice Versa Power BI Reports with SSRS and SSAS Connections, Options Power View and Power Pivot Extensions, Usage Examples New SSRS Tuning Features in 2016, Report Migrations

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Benefits of our SSRS Training Course :

  • Completely Practical and Realtime
  • Theory Material provided in Advance
  • Highly Interactive and Interesting
  • Daily Tasks and Weekly Assignments
  • Certification Guidance and FAQs
  • 24x7 Server Access with Realtime DBs

After the SSRS Online Training course participants should be able to :

  • Understand Report design, Identify DataSets, Joined Queries
  • Work with Report Parameters, Dataset Parameters and Filters
  • Design Linked Reports with Dynamic Filters and Parameters
  • Design Report variants including Gauge, Map & Indicator Reports
  • Tuning OLTP Reports and OLAP Reports - Caching and Snapshots
  • Deploy, Secure and Deliver Subscriptions and Email Reports

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